Deluxe thermowood hot tub with internal heater curved steps and cover by the side – BUCI

For the real, authentic hot tub feel try the wooden hot tub. Made from high quality wood it makes You feel inimitably and you can enjoy the best quality of wood, water and warmth mix.

You can choose from spruce or thermowood, as well as the type – basic, deluxe or royal (for thermowood hot tub) and hot tub size – 1.6m, 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.2m (internal diameter).

Delivery time: 2 to 4 weeks.

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Feel the natural durable spruce wood in Your hot tub and enjoy a nice relaxing time with family or friends.

Thermowood hot tub will appease all the expectations. Engaging golden brown color, improved insulation as well as plank stability and no resin are the best aspects of the thermowood hot tub.

Choose from spruce or thermowood, as well as the type – basic, deluxe or royal (for thermowood hot tub) and hot tub size – 1.6m, 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.2m (internal diameter).

Spruce wooden hot tub advantages:

  • Optimal price
  • Nice to touch from out and inside
  • Our hot tubs are built from dried and processed spruce. With good care and correct maintenance that allows You to enjoy it for years.

Thermowood hot tub advantages:

  • Thermowood hot tub has no resin, more resistant to fungi and rot.
  • Improved insulation by 25-30%, compared to non treated wood.
  • Easier hot tub care (compared to spruce or larch wood) and increased plank stability due to less water absorbance.
  • Environmentally friendly: thermowood can be recycled.

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Spruce Thermowood Spruce Thermowood Thermowood
Basic Deluxe Royal
Heater Internal + + +
External + +
Size (internal diameter, m) 1.6/1.8/2.0/2.2 1.6/1.8/2.0/2.2 1.6/1.8/2.0/2.2
Stainless steel chimney with a cap + + +
Wooden stairs Standard basic Standard or Curved Standard or Curved
Stainless steel clamping stripes 2 pcs. 3 pcs. 3 pcs.
Thermometer + + +
Heater protective grid + +
Wooden cover + +
Wooden mixing oar + +
Drink holder (only for internal heater) + +

Wooden hot tub measurements:

Diameter People with internal heater People with external heater
Ø160 4-6 6-8
Ø180 6-8 8-10
Ø200 8-10 10-12
Ø220 10-12 12-14


Choose from 3 types of stainless steel categories – 430, 304 or 316.

Category 430 stainless steel is most often used in production. No chlorine can be used with this category, as in long term it may damage the metal.

Category 304 stainless steel is non-magnetic. A magnet can be used to check the quality of the stainless steel. The magnet simply won’t stick to the real stainless steel. As well small amounts of chlorine can be used with this kind of stainless steel.

Category 316 stainless steel is most often used in sea water based equipment. It is resistant to sea water and aggressive salinity. Out of three categories, this stainless steel has the best corrosion resistant properties. As well it is high temperature resistant.



  • According to your needs, and special offers, delivery time might take from 2 to 4 weeks. That’s because we are building every hot tub special for you and it takes time.
  • The hot tub package is 130x220x220cm and ~400 kg.



Wood is a natural material. It differs from man-made materials each piece of timber will have grains and knots which will vary. Being a natural product wood will react to changes in atmospheric conditions. Some splitting of the timber may occur as it expands and contracts with changes of humidity and temperature. These is perfectly natural and does not affect the integrity of the timber or of the structure it is used in and therefore splitting, cracks & knots etc are not covered by any guarantee.