Black edition barrel sauna – BUCI
Black edition barrel sauna – BUCI
Front view of black edition barrel sauna – BUCI
Side view of black edition barrel sauna – BUCI
Back view of black edition barrel sauna with panoramic window – BUCI
Black edition barrel sauna with panoramic window – BUCI
Inside view of black edition barrel sauna – BUCI


Wooden barrel sauna is perfectly designed to heat up faster and sustain the heat as well as disperse it.

Wooden barrel sauna is great not only for relaxing and having fun with Your family and friends, but as well to keep up Your health. Heat relaxes muscles, helps to remove toxins from Your body by perspiration. It even can aid in weight loss. Try the wooden barrel sauna!


BARREL SAUNA SIZE: 2m*; 2,5m; 3m; 4m; 4,5m.

BARREL SAUNA HEATER: Electric Harvia Vega 8Kw** or Woodburning Harvia M3

BARREL SAUNA WOOD: spruce or thermowood

BARREL SAUNA BENCH WOOD: linden or alder

BARREL SAUNA DOOR: full wood or glass


A special heat-resistant coating around the heater.

A panoramic window in a back.


If you have any questions, or offers please contact us!


Wooden barrel sauna includes:

2 m 2,5 m 3 m 4 m 4,5 m
Porch + +
Open sitting space + +


*2m size sauna comes only with an electric Harvia Vega 8KW heater.
*When using an electric heater please make sure You will have a three-phase up to 10KW.



  • According to your needs, and special offers, delivery time might take from 2 to 4 weeks. That’s because we are building every wooden barrel sauna special for you and it takes time.
  • The sauna weight’s about a ton.



Wood is a natural material. It differs from man-made materials each piece of timber will have grains and knots which will vary. Being a natural product wood will react to changes in atmospheric conditions. Some splitting of the timber may occur as it expands and contracts with changes of humidity and temperature. These is perfectly natural and does not affect the integrity of the timber or of the structure it is used in and therefore splitting, cracks & knots etc are not covered by any guarantee.

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