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About us

BUCI has a wide range of products to offer and can satisfy every need.

Try our variety of hot tubs from different materials – spruce, larch or thermowood, fiberglass or plastic insides. Add some LED lights or air/hydro massage to satisfy Your every need. Choose different size for optimum relaxation.

We are a well known Company in Europe. We work with companies in Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden and United Kingdom, and we actually care for our clients and their needs, so they could enjoy and relax in high quality hand made hot tubs.

From the moment of producing, until delivering our hot tubs at Your door, we try our very best to assure you the best quality.

We produce fiberglass and wooden hot tubs for years. So we have our special technology to make the best product, for Your Family’s quality Time. We will do our best to assure you the quality of the product, and with good care and correct maintenance you can enjoy it for years.
Our hot tubs are well designed for comfortable usage. Hot tubs are built from high quality and long lasting materials.

As a manufacturing company we have three key points on which we rely:

1. Perfect service and a happy customer.

We do believe that our service starts from our first contact and doesn‘t end when we deliver the hot tub to You. Yes, it is still going! Feel free to contact us whenever in need.

We are more than happy to answer Your every question or uncertainty. If we can help You decide or give any useful information about the hot tub, how it works and other related or not questions, we will do it. Because our main goal is a happy customer, a customer who knows his hot tub.

We will do everything we can to ensure the best delivery prices and times for You.

2. We are a manufacturer.

We produce everything for the hot tub building:

Wood – we use specially selected, the best quality wood from Eastern Europe for our hot tubs. Every plank is made to perfectly fit together. We get wood only from those sellers we know and trust.

Fiberglass – we make the fiberglass insides ourselves. Each one is hand crafted especially for the hot tub so there would be an excellent match.

Stainless steel – we make all the stainless steel parts ourselves. Not only the small parts like the chimney, but the whole heater as well. We use high quality stainless steel to ensure the best product available.

Whereas we are manufacturing every hot tub part we can ensure the quality of the final product. We do not resell. All hot tubs comes directly from a factory to our customers.

3. We know how to build a hot tub and that is our life.

We have been building hot tubs for years now and know the hot tub assembly by heart. Since we oversee every step not only of the final hot tub completion but as well as every part of the production we can easily detect any flaws (if there is any) and ensure the final product is spotless. Our workers are passionate of what they do and are specialists in their field.

We carry out quality tests to make sure You get the best product. We do a random check regularly for our products. Every new product goes a long way before it can be sold – quality checks, material checks the whole design check are just small steps to a perfect product.